STAND #ArperValues

This year, in our longstanding collaboration with Arper we focused on developing and extending their brand strategy and communicating 6 core principles: lightness, family, balance, intuition, play, and color.

At Arper’s Milano booth, individually designed mini expositions explored what these principles mean for Arper and us. We conceived each room as a dialogue between Arper’s collections and custom images, videos, and interview texts that explore a value.

The juxtaposition of products, images, and text enabled inspiration via synergies and cross references. A clear visual connection runs through all of the design disciplines, ranging from the product design through to graphic design, styling, and the architecture. In addition to the 6 vignettes, we incorporated comfortable public areas where people could meet: a central lounge area, around a long work table, at a café, a restaurant, and 3 meeting rooms.

We were also responsible for the Art Direction of the narratives for the News catalogue as well as the styling of both the booth and photography.



A perimeter to define space.
Paravan is sculptural in form and architectural in execution, both articulating and creating space. Like parentheses to enclose a conversation, Paravan creates intimacy in open areas with sound absorbing panels to support focus, concentration, and collaboration.



The Dizzie collection expands to include new white Italian marble tabletops.
Sleek and sophisticated, the marble tabletops are available in a bar and side table size, with two height options for each version. A sumptuous finish to Dizzie’s organic silhouette for home, hospitality, and contract uses.



The Arcos collection grows to include a three-seat option.
This new couch is expansive in form and minimal in expression. Retaining the same cast aluminum armrests that evoke classical archways and architecture, this new version provides generous length to comfortably accommodate three.



Duna’s 02 timeless silhouette is like a soft, enveloping flower — evoking the feeling of being held by a blossom.
To complement Duna’s 02 source of inspiration, it has been reimagined in sustainably-made shell options, a 100% recycled post-industrial material. Inspired by nature, in the service of nature.



The pursuit of symmetry, the perfect shapes, the combined use of different materials and their processing are the distinctive aspects of a collection that recalls the aesthetics of classic Mediterranean architecture. The washbasin and bathtub are monoliths made of stones varying in nature, colour and finish and are therefore the key elements of the bathroom, which is complemented with screens, fitted with mirrors and lights, and towel racks. Today, following their presentation at Design Week 2017, the Roma washbasins are also available with wooden parts alternated with ceramic and metal.



With its harmonious shapes and natural finishes, inspired by Japanese aesthetics, the Azuma collection includes washbasins, screens, towel racks and accessories characterised by extreme attention to detail and well-balanced proportions. Presented during Design Week 2017, Azuma is now enriched with new types, size versions and finishes in order to offer comprehensive and consistent solutions for furnishing simple or structured bathrooms in a very stylish way.



Both the fair booth and the catalogue are based on the same idea: For everywhere, for every day, for every season.

The earthy, vibrant shades reflected in the architecture around lake Garda, a contemporary feel of contention, and a sense of enjoyable nature are the main elements that informed all channels of communication: from the collections to the photography, the architecture, and the styling for showroom and booth.
The pleasure of outdoor living - expressed in plants, custom-made mobiles, and the shades of terra-cotta, ochres, sienna, and natural greens - was paired with a comfort and ease of use - expressed via robust materials in the products, simple yet architectural plywood structures reminiscent of pergolas and patios, bespoke abstract ceramic bowls with a rough tactile finish, and unpretentious photo locations that speak to real life.
All of these elements combine to define the core of the Fast brand as refined yet unpretentious, modern yet rooted in nature, and a perennial sense of Mediterranean good living.



The Z-Lounge line includes two lounge chairs and a rocking chair, designed to achieve total relaxation and a stressless way of life, surrounded by the calm that nature provides.”Time is the real luxury”, explains Alberto Lievore. ”Time we devote to our friends, to ourselves, to contemplating, with nothing more. Nature offers us this space and Z-Lounge offers our moments of relaxation the comfort and coolness that only a technical fabric can give”. The innovation of the Z-Lounge line lies specifically in the fabric, which envelops the frame of the chair thus making up the seat and the backrest. This special fabric is made with a synthetic solution-dyed thread on a specific loom, which creates genuine seam-less knitting. The result is a particularly robust and self-supporting fabric, which ensures drainage and resistance to UV rays, and which is breathable and cool, providing comfortable seating ideal for outdoor use. The base and the frame of the three Z-Lounge models is entirely in painted aluminium (creamy white, green tea or dark brown). To achieve a perfect match with the frame, the fabric mesh is available in three colours: creamy white mélange, dark brown mélange and green tea mélange.



The completion of the NILSON system pass from the sofa to the armchair, distinguished by absolute comfort, generous and harmonics lines inspired by the seats of the exclusive British clubs. Nilson Lounge easily moves from the domestic environment to the office with extreme ease; matched with the pouf, the comfort of the seat becomes incomparable. Wide variety of fabrics and colors, or the timeless leather to make it almost a unique piece, to connote a living as well as an elegant managerial context.

The low version is designed for those who prefer an informal and contemporary taste. Wide variety of fabrics and colors, or the timeless leather to make it almost a unique piece, to connote a living as well as an elegant managerial context.



The ZANTE coffee tables are adjustable in height, designed by Lievore Altherr Molina, and made of white oil or black oil like the Etan bookcase. They seem to have been lend from a painter’s studio, perhaps because of the simple and practical mechanism to raise and lower them that reminds the easel; but also for the particularity that characterizes the top, a wooden border that remind the frame of a canvas.